Prestwood BEST Days

Two weeks ago we completed our third year of BEST Day training at Prestwood. BEST is one of our school programs focusing on teaching students the right expectations at school and how to act as a responsible community member instead of handing out consequences when students misbehave. This proactive approach supports students in making good choices instead of correcting them for bad ones. program that focuses on teaching students our expectations and catching them doing things right. This is a big change from traditional discipline that is mostly concerned with catching kids when they do things wrong.

We spent two weeks reviewing with students ways we can be safe, respectful, and responsible in different areas of the school. The first week we reviewed the blacktop, big toy, field, and lunch area. The second week we looked at the library, hallway, bathroom, and cafeteria. Each week we had different staff teaching about each area and working with students on specific ways to follow the school expectation.

As students visited the different areas, we had great discussions. Students talked about what would people do in those areas when they are safe, respectful, and responsible. We gave some positive examples. Finally, we wrapped up with practicing the things we want students to do in those areas.

A day like this is not a magic wand. This is only the beginning of work that will last all year long every day. You can help at home. Talk with your kids about the BEST day and what they learned. With your help, we can help our students be the very best they can be.

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